Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

About us

The TLK kit was created by Fee, founder of Sugarflick, body sugaring which has been offering intimate hair removal services in Southampton since 2006. This sugar paste is now part of its story and we asked Fee a few questions.

What inspired you to create the Top Lip Kit ?

Basically our clients’ requests… at Sugarflick, we specialise in treating areas of very sensitive skin. Over the years we have had many requests for facial hair removal, from new and regular clients alike. When we started, we were the only intimate hair removal specialist in our area and we were busy enough so we never offered this as a particular service. But I did have this idea ~ of a DIY kit which would allow everyone to do this themselves. It would be something special, designed specifically to remove hair from the upper lip and chin areas and with a sugar paste that was perfect for sensitive skin.

The idea for TLK had been growing in the back of my mind for years. And when the pandemic hit ~ all of a sudden I had a lot of free time forced upon me. Lockdown was the perfect time to research and develop this handy little kit. A time saving product meaning less trips to a salon and also something that would give the planet a wee hug.

What motivated you to produce a DIY kit?

Do you mean why did I develop this kit instead of offering facial hair removal as a treatment for Sugarflick? — I get asked this a lot. The main reason was to give women control over their beauty treatments, more time for them plus the ethical nature of the product itself. I want to give women, especially those who are embarrassed by their unwanted facial hair, the tools and instructions to take care of this themselves. This kit includes all you’ll need, it is environmentally friendly and can be done in the privacy of your own home. The results will make you look and feel better, and happy with your smooth skin.

Facial hair is completely natural, of course, you might have inherited it, you may suffer with PCOS, or it might manifest itself as you age. As women, many of us find it embarrassing or just a pain in whichever way it comes. The Top Lip Kit is intended to be your secret weapon to keep your skin as hair-free and as smooth as you like, giving many ladies confidence. Now the masks are coming off so can the hair!

What is the benefit of sugar?

It’s sweet :) Seriously speaking, it is natural and amazingly effective for hair removal. Its purity, when combined with the right application, means a gentler treatment with very thorough results. Sugar is kind to you, your skin and the environment, leaving you with little or no redness.

When I started up Sugarflick all those years ago – my specialism in intimate hair removal meant that I had to find the most effective way to treat such areas of sensitive skin. This motivated my search for the right method and my love for nature, animals and our planet meant that I was determined to find a solution that was also natural and vegan.

And sugar ticked all the boxes. I was able to source this from the UK with sugar beet, grown in East Anglia, and combine it with only natural ingredients for the final paste. My clients commented on how gentle it was, especially compared to their experiences with other methods. And they were impressed with the long-lasting results.

What exactly is in the paste?

The TLK sugar paste is made of only 3 ingredients: sugar, water & lemon. Nothing else. This means it is natural and water soluble. While you can get into a right mess with many chemically filled beauty products – our sugar paste is natural, vegan and easy to wipe away. In fact it is a very old method and was used by the Egyptians, so it dates back to 2500BC and we all know how clever those folk were.

The paste’s natural ingredients result in a gentler treatment as there are no chemicals or additives which could irritate your skin. You are left with little or no redness and lovely smooth skin ~ thanks to nature. As you can probably tell, I’m very proud that this little kit proves that beauty products can be effective with only natural ingredients and can be kind to our planet too.

Why do you recommend TLK?

We at Sugarflick have been removing body hair for a long time now. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience. We have used many sugar pastes from many different companies and sugared many human bodies from all walks of life. We have sugared practically every part of the human body… not the head, that’s not a place you go… but neck down, yep we have done it.

Feedback from clients has been excellent, I’m proud to say. They’d been trying various hair removal methods and were impressed with how different and how much better our sugaring felt compared to other treatments. Many ended up becoming my regulars and the consistently positive feedback is what made me sure that the TLK could deliver on my vision.

When I found the recipe for this sugar paste – I liked so much that I bought it, including all knowledge and advice needed to make it my own and gain a full cosmetic licence. It was also very important for us to gain Leaping Bunny approval and we have accomplished this very recently.

TLK is now the kit I had envisaged: a little planet-hugging box of sweetness for all the ladies out there battling on with tweezers. Our human testers confirmed how easy it is to use, how effective and how long lasting the results. Since launch, we’ve been getting some brilliant comments and reviews and I can’t wait to help more ladies and hear more stories from everyone.

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Do you want to know more before you buy or have any questions? ~ you’re welcome to email Fee or to give us a shout on any of our channels and we’re happy to help. We love chatting to people ~ so don’t be shy.