Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

Hello beautiful!

The Top Lip Kit is a box of cuteness to help you win the battle against unwanted facial hair, even those stubborn ones. It contains all you need and is easy to use. It is natural, contains no nasty chemicals or additives and is also vegan. This super little kit is a planet-hugging box of sweetness ~ read more about our philosophy.

In your box you will find…

  • sugar paste
  • barrier powder
  • wooden spatulas
  • strips
  • full instructions

Ladies Facial Hair Removal Kit

Our Top Lip Kit includes all you need for successfully removing your own facial hair at home. Whether you want to whip off your ’tache, shape those brows or manage those hard-to-reach chin areas – TLK to the rescue. It’s easy to use and a money- and time-saving home kit..

This kit gives long lasting results, little or no redness and can leave you feeling confident. You can now save on parking, fuel and salon appointments as you can do this by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, and in less than 10 minutes.

What can our Top Lip Kit do?

This kit was developed to remove hair from the upper lip where skin can be quite sensitive. It can also be used on your chin or even brows. Want to treat your hobbit toes? ~ TLK will work there too.

Using the TLK sugar paste as instructed will remove hair from the root which will bring longer lastings results. It is 100% natural and therefore causes less or even no redness after treatment.

It’s a DIY kit – easy to use and also just as easy to clean off if there’s a spill. The paste is water-soluble and will wipe off easily from your skin, surfaces or clothes.

Why choose this kit?

The Top Lip Kit has been trialled, approved and tested. It was developed by Fee, the founder of Sugarflick, who has 15 years experience of body sugaring. Fee has used this particular recipe for many years and knows how gentle it is on sensitive skin, so you can be rest assured it works.

The TLK sugar paste is made from 3 natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. It is vegan, water-soluble, fully certified, with no nasty plastics, chemicals or additives. It’s less painful than waxing, tweezering or laser removal.

When used correctly this facial hair removal kit will give you smooth skin for weeks, not just days, and all without visiting a salon.

How long will it last?

The sugar paste will last you months not weeks as you only need to use a small amount each time. Over time, the more you use it – the sparser the hair will become. Therefore the less you will have to use it in the long run.

How long it will last will depend on the individual, of course. We gave out tester kits during lockdown and they are still going strong, i.e. no refills have been needed. Once you’re used to using it, you will use less paste, your hair growth will be weaker and it will go a long way.

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What is sugar paste?

Sugar paste is extremely effective for removing facial hair. It is not wax but it does the same job, just a wee bit better. It is kinder to you, your skin, and the environment. Made from sugar, water and lemon, our sugar paste is vegan, fully certified and water-soluble.

The TLK sugar paste has a full cosmetic licence so you know it’s safe and has passed all its tests. Even though it is natural, with just 3 ingredients, any product that goes on the skin in the UK must be approved and tested. We are also now Leaping Bunny approved.

How much is it?

Our facial hair removal kit is £14.95 including P&P. The box includes: sugar paste, barrier powder, strips and instructions. Top Lip Kit is only available in the UK.

Check out our YouTube channel for a demo video of the kit. More videos will be coming soon.

It is time for some TLC with our TLK, a planet-hugging box of sweetness.